Korvi Rakshand

Nourish Bangladesh's unwavering support for the JAAGO Foundation, particularly during the trying COVID-19 pandemic, has been incredibly heartwarming. The donations of dry food to those affected by the pandemic served as a lifeline for numerous individuals in Bangladesh who were grappling with hardships and food shortages.

People like Mr. Faress and organizations like Nourish Bangladesh play a pivotal role in extending a helping hand to disadvantaged communities. Their willingness to stand by the JAAGO Foundation and the broader community by providing food support is truly commendable, highlighting the strength of community engagement and solidarity, especially in times of crisis.

Nourish Bangladesh's initiative to bridge the gap between those residing abroad and those in Bangladesh, to aid those in need, serves as a beautiful example of how people can unite to create a positive impact on the lives of others. Their support not only addresses immediate needs but also reflects a deep commitment to the well-being and welfare of the community.

Such acts of generosity and kindness serve as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the significance of standing together during challenging times. Mr. Faress and Nourish Bangladesh's contributions are indeed a blessing to the people of Bangladesh, and their continued support is immeasurable.

Dhaka, Bangladesh