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Nourish Bangladesh is excited to present the Zakat Campaign. Our implementing partners such as Bidyanondo and B Desh Foundation, not only passed our rigorous vetting process but also offer a wide variety of important uses of your Zakat funds. It includes purchasing assets (e.g. livestock or sewing machines), providing business capital, and offering cash assistance to the economically disadvantaged. Our top priority remains making certain that your Zakat funds are used timely, cost-effectively, and conscientiously.

Food & Cash Transfer

Donations here are used for food distribution and cash transfers to a diverse group of economically disadvantaged Bangladeshi residents as they face covid19, floods, cyclones, and the Rohingya refugee crisis. Your donations are distributed among a dozen rigorously vetted implementers including non-profits (e.g. JAAGO, BDesh, Bidyanondo)

Minecraft Creative Tournament: Results

Nourish Bangladesh consists of dozens of volunteers working together remotely from across the globe for free. As such, we don’t and probably never will have a physical headquarters. So for this competition, we asked participants to bring our virtual workspace to life with a Minecraft creative build! Particpants were asked to do two things, (a) Share a video of a virtual Nourish Bangladesh headquarters build they created in Minecraft, (b) Fundraise on our behalf to help feed the economically disadvantaged in Bangladesh. Our participants did an incredible job on both fronts!