Mithun Das Kabbo

During Covid-19 pandemic, while the whole world was at a halt; Bangladesh being a third world country has felt the hit hard. With the majority of the country’s population falling in the middle and poor in the social class spectrum, coping up with such a huge world emergency was a challenge. In that time, I volunteered with Nourish Bangladesh to distribute food items in both the urban and rural areas of the country on a need basis. The marginalized communities, Ex: sex-workers, transgenders, coastal areas people were not overlooked during this time of need and was supported through providing food for them. The country’s geographical location makes it very vulnerable to natural disasters. In 2022, a massive flood left the region of Sylhet crippled. People lost their homes, access to shelter, food and proper sanitation. At times like this we were able to extend a helping hand towards these flood victims thanks to Nourish Bangladesh’s support. As a vetted volunteer I was also able to contribute in supporting the fire accident victims that took place in Shitakundo, Chattogram– which was truly a big tragedy this country faced. I am proud to be able to volunteer as a part of Nourish, and glad that I was able to do my part as a citizen and social worker during these hard times with their support.

Dhaka, Bangladesh