Does Nourish Bangladesh operate in any other country besides USA?

Currently, we are only operating in USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Bangladesh. However, our campaign is very easily transferrable to other countries and we would be happy to help anyone interested in replicating our project elsewhere. Interested parties should send an email to info@nourishbangladesh.org

May I fundraise on behalf of Nourish Bangladesh?

Of course! It’s not as hard as it sounds! Spread the words, talk to your families and friends who might also be interested, and see if you can get three donations, any amounts. While sharing our website on your social media definitely helps, sometimes it’s the personal reaching out to others and explaining what we do that makes the difference. If you want to fundraise on our behalf and would like to understand in more details what it is that we do, please send us an email at info@nourishbangladesh.org

May I volunteer for Nourish Bangladesh?

We currently have a core team of 30+ team members. In addition to our four board members, all our team member are designated "advisors". We very recently formed the board as a matter of necessity because it was a requirement for registering Nourish Bangladesh formally. Generally, we are not fans of hierarchy and all of our important decisions are made via a democratic concensus model. 

On a different note, we understand that during these trying times, it is difficult to guarantee that we can all continue to put in a pre-committed amount of hours towards this campaign. So we have a no-pressure “voluntarily volunteering” policy. Advisors help with web designing, upkeep, generating content, fundraising activities, vetting our implementing partners, getting leads on new implementing partners to vet, coming up with new ideas, offering pictures they have taken to populate our website, designing our logo, and etc. Some are volunteering officially while others just help out occasionally without joining the team as they have to attend to other priorities. 

We welcome any kind of constructive feedback. If you would like to share advice or join for our group, please get in touch with us via info@nourishbangladesh.org. There's no need to be formal, and no need to write a long email. This process is not an interview. If you want to help, we could use the help and we are thankful.